Wednesday, April 10, 2013

pine yamadori

I found a great spot to collect these practically along the side of the road, just about 10 miles away, on a section of old Coillte forest. These had all self seeded (I think Pinus contorta) into the shallow peat which sits on top of the mountain rock. I literally just had to only peel them off bringing a wide mat of fine roots intact. I potted them up keeping as much roots as I could and think most will take (fingers crossed). There are so many more, but if I can keep these few alive, actually get them to grow and eventually figure out the mysterious process of back budding, then I've a lifetime of raw material close at hand.

smallest but well branched
about 2' tall
twin stemmed, 3' tall
about 4' tall, well weathered
old wound on the main stem
some good clusters of branches


  1. A few interesting ones here. Never worked with contorta but it looks suitable.

    1. Yeah, I'll be watching your vids of Ryan Neil's talks on Pines over and over...