Sunday, January 25, 2015

fresh yamadori

I was in Dublin at the weekend and took a short detour on the way home to have a little look. I found these two beside the road just as it was getting dark. It's a mild misty evening so I'll wait til tomorrow to pot them up.

pinus contorta with not straight trunk

very small larch

Sunday, January 18, 2015

sunday afternoon bonsai - dwarf spruce

the tree is about 5-6 years old, a dwarf round spruce
the canopy was full of dead shoots and old needles

after a clean out 

it had been growing in a peaty mix albeit with some grit

I managed to remove quite a lot of excess peat

potted up in a nice pot acquired at last weekend's Munster Club workshop,
maybe it'll get some styling at the next one.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

snow day in east clare

Yesterday we woke to 3 inches of clean white snow. It didn't last long but was beautiful while it did...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Munster Bonsai Club Workshop January 2015

Last Saturday I left a stormy County Clare and headed south towards the first Munster Bonsai Club workshop of 2015. Almost 100 miles later the winds had settled and the sky was blue. Ian & Phil soon arrived with pots, trees and various supplies. After the tea and coffee were made we got straight down to business; 

Kieran's pine

we each picked a front on my larch

Piotr's Pine

Mark's acer needed re-potting

down to work
 While Phil set me up with the wiring of my larch, Mark and Ian were busy repotting.
Mark's Chinese elm 

really washing out the roots well to remove old soil and to clean them

they continued to adjust some of the branches, will be an absolute cracker in early summer
My larch was a yamadori collected barely 12 months ago, and which had received some attention from Phil last April. After a re-analysis of the tree we proposed a provisional front and began to clear away from around the base of the tree to reveal quite a nice base.This confirmed the chosen front an it was decided to be style it as a (kind of a) twin trunk. The obvious unnecessary branches were removed and wiring began.

before styling

phil begins with the lower left branch

there were an abundance of branches to wire

later, after styling, (better photo below)

work continues after dark

finished larch, 3 days later
My larch also repotted in to a temporary pot (Thanks Mark!) and will hopefully settle in. I'm sure we'll do some follow up at another workshop in the future.

I also potted on a couple of trees and got some advice on a few more.

a small lonicera recieved a new pot
my windswept whitethorn in a pot I picked up in Chicago

Class Photo

So another busy day came to an end, a big thanks to Mark for hosting (another fab lunch) and to Ian and Phil for making the journey down again (two seriously gas men if ever there were!)