Saturday, January 25, 2014

Whitethorn Fairy Trees

These whitethorns are common still in the area of East Clare where I live. More and more they are being cut down when fields are being 'improved'. However many farmers are reluctant to disturb them as they are associated with pisreogs and fairy forts. They usually have a clear stem to about one and a half metres (often multi-stemmed), and generally have a broad crown. Ivy sometimes takes hold and makes them very top-heavy, leaving them prone to wind damage. In more exposed areas they take on a wind-swept appearance.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ulster vs Munster, both Winners!

The Munster Bonsai Club hosted a workshop on last Friday and Saturday. Ian Young and Phil Donnelly shared their vast bonsai knowledge through demonstration, tree critique, bonsai anecdotes, one-to-one mentorship and general infectious enthusiasm. The Northern Ireland Bonsai Society is a well established, vibrant bonsai club and it's easy to understand why. While our own club is small and young by comparison, this inspiring workshop I'm sure will be of huge benefit as we move forward. The main thing I think I'll take away from it is an improved approach to tree assessment and critique, and a reinforcement of the need for attention to detail. That, and also that Pines are much more flexible than I would have believed...

Phil, Peter and Piotr discussing pots.

Ian, Mark, Adam and Matt talk bonsai.

Some of the bonsai accessories Phil and Ian brought along.

Phil's demo Pine from Friday night.

Mark and Phil discussing one of Phils Junipers.

Adam working on his Pine while Piotr and Ian work together.

My Pine, styled by Phil. Now my best tree.

Ian and Piotr work on a small Myrtle.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ready for bonsai workshop (alomst)

On Sunday I picked out a few trees to bring with me on Friday. Things got a bit out of control and I have a dozen or so trees sitting in the garage. I'll narrow them down to about five or six, or eight... or ten.....