Sunday, March 24, 2013

garage doors

The garage doors are almost complete. I've been tinkering with them since Christmas, figuring them out as I go. They are made from 2" box steel with 2" flat insert all round to bolt the boards to. The door opening is 3 metres wide (just over 10 feet) so they would have been pricey to buy them in. I anticipated most of the problems apart from having to correct a bow inwards when I welded the middle box section.

doors set in place with hinges bolted to walls,
a bit of 'tweaking' was required to get them  reasonably square  all round

starting to attach the plastic boards,
easier than fitting them in before hanging the doors
Recylced plastic boards from Murrays in Mayo.
Very easy to work with, easy to cut & to shape and  plane.
Custom hinges made from trailer door hinges.
 I couldn't buy anything to allow the doors swing out 180 degrees.

The doors will be secured from inside, so outside is pretty much finished.
When I get the garage plastered I'll complete the jam all round.

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