Monday, April 15, 2013

onions and potatoes

Today I planted some onion sets(Setton and Red Baron)  and some potatoes (Sarpo Mira and British Queens).
The location is the driest in the garden, and had some mushroom compost spread over it last year. Re-digging and cleaning of the adjacent stream over the years has left some subsoil mixed through this area, something not quite ideal. The mushroom compost certainly did seem to improve the soil noticeably.
The onion variety Setton has a reputation for being a good storer. The Red Baron sets were quite strong so I'm hopeful of a good performance. By covering with weedblock fabric, I hope to warm the soil a bit and keep down the weeds.
The Sparo Mira potato is fairly blight resistant while British Queens are at the other end of the scale. Sarpo Mira are robust, vigorous and high yielding, but a bit on the waxy side. The Queens are an early variety (although being sowed late) and are the most popular early potato in these parts. I decided to weedblock the Queens just to see how that would work out.
Good to get a start, a few more beds to prepare now over the next two weeks..

this bed was roughly dug over and covered with light weedblock

I've planted onions through small holes in the weedblock

red baron and setton were the varieties planted

the soil was enriched with chicken manure pellets and calcified seaweed

the sarpo mira were left unmulched while I weedblocked the british queens

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