Tuesday, November 19, 2013

november bonsai meeting

Another meeting of the Bonsai Ireland Munster Club. (http://www.bimc.ie).  Mostly chat and talk this time, with only Piotr actually doing some work. As usual I was green with envy at the trees the other lads had brought especially Mark's Larch.

my Carpinus, Picea and Cryptomeria. Peter's Pine

Marks Larch and Maple (maple from seed!)

Peter's Pine


  1. Hi Ray,

    Good to see plenty of trees there, not bad for 4 people. :-)

    Piotr is working hard to get a workshop planned for January with Phil and I popping down for a weekend.

    After making a good start, it's important to continue. A workshop might be the ticket, but we also need to keep the monthly meetings going strong too. Well done for keeping up the attendance. Next time, get some work done lol

    1. Thanks Ian,
      Will try to get more work done but very easy to get sidetracked into some bonsai chat... especially when I'm used to talking about bonsai to the trees. :-) We're all looking forward to the workshop in the New Year... Ray