Wednesday, June 26, 2013

sunday morning bonsai june

Growth is slow on all the trees, but over the past few weeks there has been some. I attacked a few more trees last sunday morning and re-attacked some more after WPs comment. Certainly I am cautious about cutting back hard, but I cut as far as I dared on some of the maples, trying to envisage where they will grow back and how they might shape up a bit. I've left some branches uncut to strengthen(?) those lines. Whatever happens, I'll continue to water and feed regularly.

I really like this ash, behind the leaves the shape is forming

After cutting all this years growth looks untidy, but I think it's going ok

Cut away more.

Cut back harder than comfort

Very early days for this oak.

The shape is good but the trunk is very narrow.

It looks a little better but ...

Trunks are nice, foliage getting there.

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