Tuesday, June 4, 2013


One of my aims this year was to get a tunnel up so I could grow a few tomatoes and the like. Although I got the kit about a month ago, I just managed to get it covered at the weekend, which is not bad going and just in time to maybe get a bit of a crop in it this summer.
Thanks to Pat for helping me set out the hoops level and in line.
The trench on the stream side was full of stones and compacted subsoil,
while the other side was as soft as cheese.
I had the door frames already.

A family effort was needed to get the polythene up and over, held in place
while the trenches were filled and the cover kept taut. Lots of family fun...

All in all it came out pretty well. 
 I have to finish the door frames, make doors and hang them and then maybe plant something...

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