Tuesday, July 3, 2012

some work done

At last I had a chance to give a couple of days to the garden. My main aim was to install some land drainage pipes and to develop some paths. A 3 ton mini-digger was employed to do the donkey work. After a good days work on Monday, it promptly lost a track on Tuesday at 10am, to be replaced eventaully at 4pm later in the day. Very frustrating to lose such a chunk of time... Anyway, made the best of it and it was good to finally start to define some shapes in the garden. And I began to connect the water feature to the garden and I have a clearer image of how the next phase will look like.

20 tons of 2" crushed stone
I'm using 3" land drainage pipe in 2-3" coarse crushed stone

machines are great when they work
looking across what will be a lawn

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